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Protea Foundation

Protea Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, addresses women’s trauma recovery. Our goal is to restore trauma survivors to their full potential, using leading-edge, effective methods. We focus on women with developmental trauma.

> The Protea Foundation adopts the protea flower as its symbol, embodying diversity and resilience. Protea bloom in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Like these flowers, women’s resilience is fortified through adversity. Just as Protea thrive after wildfires, the foundation assists women in navigating trauma’s negative impact, allowing space for enduring resilience. Even amidst the most formidable challenges, women can find strength to bloom again.



Treatment Effectiveness for MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD

Imagine. Curing. Trauma.

Due to the all-too-common experience of trauma, the expanded legalization of psychedelic therapies represent a sea change for women and mental health globally.

Protea Foundation significantly expands access to psychedelic treatment options that have been rigorously researched for over 40 years. These psychedelic-assisted therapies offer unprecedented support for women, especially for those who suffer from childhood trauma.

Training therapists and counselors for psychedelic-assisted therapeutic modalities is vital. Protea also expands training resources for professionals who commit to make these paths available as a treatment option when it best serves their client and patient populations.

Together, we can seed the planet for resilience. Although trauma occurs, we can alter the impact of that trauma. From trauma, a restoration of the healthy self is possible! Women can become even more resilient after trauma. Perhaps, someday, we might even prevent many forms of trauma.

Join us today to have a direct role in breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma and its impact on each of our communities. Learn how trauma impacts you and your community, and what to do about it. We need your help!

Protea Foundation’s goals are lead by HEART:

Help people recognize childhood trauma; who is at risk, how Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) develops, why it impacts individuals and communities, and when to refer people for treatment;

Educate people about advances in science supporting psychedelic medicine;

Amplify the network of trauma-informed therapists who can competently provide the optimal set and setting for measurable improvement;

Remove the barriers to access top-tier, effective treatments;

Treat people from a trauma-informed perspective.

Our Mission

Protea Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization (pending), addresses women’s trauma recovery. Our goal is to restore trauma survivors to their full potential, using leading-edge, effective methods. We focus on women with developmental trauma.

Our initiatives involve funding top-tier treatments, therapist training, and promoting resilience through community education and outreach.


Our Vision

Mental health would be a priority, not an afterthought. Therapists would guide growth, not repair brokenness. Minds would not bear the scars of abuse, war, or loss. Playgrounds would resound with joyous laughter. Innocence would flourish, unmarred by fear or neglect. Hearts would beat in harmony, unburdened by the weight of traumatic memories. The canvas of consciousness would remain pristine. The echoes of violence and pain would fade into oblivion. This is our vision.

Our Unfolding Story

How We Got Started

For decades, mental health treatment options have excluded a very promising segment of psychedelic-assisted therapies. Just as psychiatrists, psychologists, and other researchers were making incredible headway on their studies of compounds like MDMA, psilocybin, and Ayahuasca (among others) in the 1990’s, the U.S. government criminalized these substances, blocking research across the globe. Now, in 2024, that is about to change. 

Where We Are Now

A sea change is upon us. During 2024, we hope to see the legalization of MDMA for the treatment of PTSD in the United States. The exploration and availability of other psychedelic-assisted treatments should follow. The extraordinary promise of these therapeutic modalities cannot be overlooked, as the efficacy and impact of these treatments are setting a new bar for effective, safe, and enduring mental health treatments. 

Become a Volunteer Today

 Protea Foundation serves populations and communities that have experienced a “wildfire,” and thus the protea arises from the ashes more resilient than ever. Together, we can greatly impact how people recover from trauma. Within each community, we can break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.  

Join Now

The Impact of Trauma in your Neighborhood


of Adults experience 1+ traumatic event (globally)

Billion dollars spent each year on ptsd, just in the united states alone

Americans experience 1+ traumatic event during lifetime


Adults who experienced 1+ adverse childhood experience (ACE)

the Average age with the highest rate of PTSD in america


women who are sexually assaulted in childhood and eventually develop c-ptsd

We’re Planting the Seeds for Resilience & Trauma Prevention in Communities Around the Globe

Trauma prevention begins in your community. Together with the robust and growing network of health care professionals, psychedelic scientists, policymakers and community leaders, our organization supports women who need these best-in-class treatment therapies as they become available. Whether through training therapists who specialize in trauma and psychedelic therapy, expanding access to treatment for individuals, or one of our community-based programs developing resilience and trauma prevention, you play an important role. Please donate or take action today.   

support local, national and global mental health

Often, creating awareness of an issue is an important first step. Contact local and national legislators and regulators; provide detailed information about why the mental health issue is important to you, what kinds of changes might be beneficial, and for whom, and provide any other data supporting your issue such as cost savings, impact on lives, etc. 

organize a community awareness event

This is a global issue. You can create awareness in your local community by organizing events such as lectures, sporting competitions, sign up campaigns…there are so many possibilities. Need help brainstorming how your specific skills are needed to help this mission in your community? Contact us and we will help you find a way to create an event.  

share your experience with our community

No one can tell your story like you can. If you have experienced the impact of trauma and are willing to share that story, we would love to add you to our speakers list. Please reach out today. 

request more information

We are here for your inquiries. Contact us via email, phone or web form and we will do our best to answer or redirect you to the appropriate source. 

schedule a speaking engagement with Protea

We maintain a busy speaking and event calendar, so please reach out to us with as much advance notice as possible. Our speakers travel globally and we will match you with a terrific speaker for your event. 

host a fundraising event

Thank you for hosting a fundraising event! Regretfully, there is never enough money to support every initiative. We thank you, and if you host a fundraising event and need our help, reach out so we can support and promote your event. 

donate stock or other non-cash assets

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your cash contributions are fully deductible for tax purposes. For non-cash contributions, kindly contact us directly and we will walk through those steps to ensure you receive the optimal benefit from your generous contribution. 

attend a local or national trauma event

Take a look at our events calender for events and updates. Drop us a line if you want to meet us personally at that event, and we will contact you with meeting availability. 

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